Skyrim Multiplayer (SkyMP) is a modification for Skyrim SE allowing to play online.

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State of the project

You are free to download our game client and play public servers or host your own. 0 users are playing on 0 servers right now.

Multiplayer Stats

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Current users per server limit equals 100.
Supported server platforms: Windows.
Synchronizations Starter Pack (selected means available now):


You can support us via Patreon. This would allow our team to spend less time on the real-world jobs and more time in attempts to synchronize butterflies' trajectory. If you wish to subscribe to our Patreon, thank you much, you are speeding up our project's development significantly!


At the moment, almost all parts of our source code are closed-source. We are comfortable working privately as a small team. But obviously, we will be publishing API to be used freely to keep our community decentralized and fill Skyrim of different game modes. If you believe we should face to open-source, you are interested in helping to code or you have any questions, please contact us.

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